This is a very quick post written at a very late hour, intended for all the lovely people out there in the States and especially Hungary who, from time to time, drop by before being faced with the impossibility of a language they can’t understand.
My name (artistic name, at least) is Anton Stark. I’m one of Portugal’s first Steampunk writers, and this blog is about my books (of which the first, “Prelúdio [Prelude, in English], is to come out officially this month) and the world of Eos in which they’re set in.

Although my posts are generally in Portuguese I shall endeavour to write some in English from time to time. If you’d like me to translate any of them for you or contact me in any way, you can drop a comment here or you can e-mail me at:  . I’ve plans to make Downspiral go international one of these days, and if you can understand Portuguese well and you’re a native speaker of a foreign language, then I might want to contact you instead ; )

Happy journeys in Eos,

Anton Stark.